The Web Author's Professional Dashboard

The Dashboard of Change Within Continuity

Welcome to this Dashfolio 2016, which is that of renewal in more ways than one: not only in terms of conceptual web design, as every year, but also in terms of matrix-based content production, considering that the purpose of this new RSS dashboard is to consolidate the four websites which cover the Netfolio level of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained Webfolio into a version 2.
In addition to this Dashfolio, which now includes the personal Blogfolio dimension that I introduced back in 2013, the three web modules concerned by this first consolidation are conceived so as to provide for the self-secured engagement of the author into a long-term web production process, meaning, in conceptual order: the Testfolio v2 (Omega), the Datafolio (Infolio v2), and the Playfolio (Lifefolio v2).
Considering further that the four Profolio modules of my NetPlusUltra®-enabled quadrilogy remain valid until their redeployment, after successful consolidation, into an affiliation portal, new contents pertaining to the higher professional dimension will be integrated into this year’s versions 2, whereas the present Dashfolio keeps the same structure as in 2015, since it also provides a preview of this future portal, as considered from the individual perspective of the author.