Nothing (left) to (be) declare(d)!

Since there is not much left to be added to my conclusions of 2016-10-20 (1), which set the tone for next year, I will close this meta-debriefing 2013-2016 with this final post, in order to move over to the new version of this Dashfolio, due for publication in January at the same address.Continue reading

Status update

The time is right, since the accounting year is drawing to a close with a still to be settled funding issue, to put the spotlight on the blog to my Testfolio Omega, of which I announced the upcoming publication in my article of 2016-09-16 (1).Continue reading

Status update

With a Testfolio Omega delivering valuable audit conclusions (1), and a feedback forum announcing a conceptual portal resolution (2), we are now halfway through this 2016 consolidation path, ready to write a new page of what is also an optimization guide, since the purpose of all this is not to continue publishing modules on end, but rather to keep consolidating all these building blocks with each renewal of the permanent auditing cycle.Continue reading

Welcome to the NetPlusUltra®-sustained statosphere

This penultimate step of the Testfolio-Omega-sustained project path covers the problem of web analytics and internet statistics at large from the conceptually preventive perspective of the many guarantees which remain to be integrated into the generic configuration of any type of server, to ensure that statistical analysis does not become the major source of self-intoxication leading to business failure.Continue reading

Securing system metadata

With regard to the conceptual publication process strictly speaking, the really serious things start with the Infolio module required for affiliation with the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system. A necessary and sufficient prerequisite to instill life into any kind of cloud-shaped embryo of an idea, on the occasion of an in-depth reflection on how to secure our production metadata.Continue reading


Considering that humankind is more than ever plagued by the necessity to pool its scarce resources, let us board the wider transit system for the fourth step of this conceptual consolidation path to be explored one transversal throughcut at a time, be it only to consider the cost of providing the service. Halfway through this Testfolio-Omega-based dashboard matrix, the thick internet Cloud should start to dissipate…Continue reading


Let us take the time of a road trip across the intranet ring to reflect back on what it is that makes the NetPlusUltra®-sustained formula an independent proprietary source code.Continue reading


Since we are headed for a matrix-enabled environment which is knowledge-engineered so as to encourage us to develop our all-terrain potential, i.e. our conceptual mastery of network systemics, I would like to invite you to get on your bicycle or mountain bike for a ride through step 2, to take the time to consider in how far the natural balance of things is just like biking, as it can never be forgotten: try to switch it off, and you will only make it twice as strong…Continue reading

Status update

Since the successful accomplishment of a personal and/or professional project is always dependent on a certain amount of prerequisites, I resumed the development of my Testfolio Omega this week, by starting with completing the argument introduced at "Step 1", to which I added my usual "Sources" page of search engine results and redirections (1).Continue reading

Web analytics

The time has come to get back to the issue of how web analytics pertaining to the websites of my Webfolio are supposed to be measured. As announced on my Metafolio, which I updated yesterday (see below), I recently reinstalled a Piwik module, with a view to developing a conceptual solution that will fill the existing legal gap in my current Urchin v6 installation, as included by default in OVH’s professional shared hosting packs.Continue reading

Status update

Now that my new publications for 2016 are announced, let us take the time of a sneak preview into the details of this year's consolidation, with everything the latter encompasses for every dimension of my systemic NetPlusUltra®-sustained approach.Continue reading

Activation post

For a smooth introduction to next year’s new multidimensional challenge, the four websites on my agenda will be published - in the placeholder version thereof - in the following order of development:Continue reading